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datestamp: 2016-03-28T15:01:04Z
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bib-version: v2
entry: 2016-03-28T15:01:04Z
organization: IRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences (ISSN 2455-2267)
organization: Vol 1, No 2 (2015): October
title: Social Stratification: A review of theories and conclusions
author: Sommer, Brittani; Université libre de Bruxelles Brussel
date: 2015-11-16 09:50:37
copyright: The copyright in respect of all published articles in the journal is supposed to be assigned by the authors to the journal. If the author wants to retain the copyright in respect of his/her submitted articles, he/she need to pre-specify while submitting the articles in the first instance. And it has to be approved by the Editorial Staff of the journal. 
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keyword: Social Science
keyword: Social stratification, social inequality, social welfare, social sciences, civilizations
language: en
abstract: In ahead of schedule social orders, individuals shared a typical social standing. As social orders developed and turned out to be more intricate, they started to hoist a few individuals. Today, stratification, a framework by which society positions its individuals in a chain of command, is the standard all through the world. All social orders stratify their individuals. A stratified society is one in which there is an unequal circulation of society's prizes and in which individuals are organized progressively into layers as indicated by the amount of society's prizes they have. To comprehend stratification, we should first comprehend its starting points. The theories of the social stratification have been put light on by this work. Various conclusions for its present scene in the various societies have been conceptualized.
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