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datestamp: 2005-12-07
title: C language
creator: Danzart, Annie
subject: computer science
subject: C
subject: language
description: General basics of algorithms: Formulation of a problem and search for an algorithm Formalization of an algorithm, notion of complexity Sequencing of actions and an example of a program in C language C language: Structure of a program Pre-defined types Evaluation of expressions Prototyping and definition of functions Iterative and recursive programming Definition of types Pointers and dynamic allocation E/S: standard and other files ("text" and "binary" files) Use of graphics Modules (predefined functions and libraries, construction and use of specific modules) Data structures, related algorithms: implementation Lists, queues, stacks: - Hash code tables - Graph depictions, etc. Binary trees: - Binary search tree - Huffman coding, etc.
description: The objectives of this training program are, firstly, acquisition of an efficient programming method and, secondly, the practical use of at least one language. C language has been chosen since it is one of the most widely used scientific languages. Like Pascal, it enables high-level programming (control structures, data types, recursion, etc.) and is well suited to separate compilation. Students will use workstations during this training program.
description: Level: Licence 3ème année
description: Level: Ingénieur 1ère année
description: Course: Ingénieur
description: Duration of the course: 32h00
publisher: Institut Télécom
contributor: Charon, Irène
contributor: Hudry, Olivier
date: 2005-12-07
type: Collection
format: text/html
identifier: ENST_INF102_LC
language: en
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