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We have collected Identify, ListSets, ListMetadataFormats, and sample records from all of the OAI compliant repositories we could find from various sources, added the data to a database, indexed them, and made them searchable. We have also created several reports from the data. This system is driven entirely from database queries against our database, and not from live queries to the OAI repositories. Therefore, at any given time the data will be out-of-date by some period of time. The data in our database will be periodically refreshed from the original OAI repositories, plus new repositories will be added as they are found. For an XML report of all the repositories from which we have data, access our Friends List. This collection is also harvestable via the OAI protocol; the baseURL is

For anyone wanting to track the latest changes to this registry, an RDF Site Summary (RSS) is found at This RSS will list the repositories which have been added or modified in this registry in the past 30 days. Newly added repositories will have [NEW] prepended to their title for easy identification.

There is also an SRU (Search and Retrieve URL Service) available for searching the registry. The base URL for the service is SRU allows client applications to perform basic searches against the registry. The service supports a subset of the CQL (Common Query Language), allowing either the repository name, repository base URL, repository identifier, or the full text of various OAI responses to be searched. Booleans are not yet supported. Records can be retrieved in either Dublin Core or ZeeRex formats. Some sample queries following:

If you would like to have your repository added or deleted from this list or you would like to register a unique repositoryIdentifier contact Tom Habing.

Latest News

A presentation titled "A Tale of Three Registries" was presented at the 2006 DLF Fall Forum as part of the DLF/IMLS OAI Project Update.
The latest OAI presentation was given at the DLF OAI Implementers' Workshop at Stanford University.
A presentation titled "The University of Illinois OAI-PMH Data Provider Registry" was presented by Tim Cole at the NSF-DLF-JISC/UKOLN Digital Library Service Registry Workshop, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA on March 23, 2006.
The OAI Repository Cataloging Procedures and Guidelines document was written by our graduate assistant, Lucas W. K. Mak, who prepared most of the original collection descriptions for the DLF Member OAI Repositories.
The latest OAI presentation was given at the OAI Training Session at the DLF Fall Forum in Charlottesville, Virginia.
A presentation titled "Distributed Functionality in the UIUC OAI Registry" will be presented at the Distributed Services Registry Workshop at the University of Warwick on 14 July 2005.
Many OAI Repositories belonging to DLF member institutions have been cataloged. A feature to browse these repositories by subject headings was recently added to the registry.
Significant new development of this registry will soon begin as part of an IMLS National Leadership Grant awarded to the DLF in partnership with Emory University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Michigan. Check back soon for more details.
The paper "Developing a Technical Registry of OAI Data Providers" by Thomas G. Habing, Timothy W. Cole, William H. Mischo will be presented at the ECDL 2004 conference in University of Bath, England. Post-print © Springer-Verlag. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Thanks to Kat Hagedorn and the OAIster project at the University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service, we have additional metadata about all of the OAI repositories which are harvested by OAIster. The additional metadata are supplied by OAIster and include Title, Description, Home Page, and Historical Record Counts.
An SRU search service has been added to the registry. The base URL is
The PowerPoint was also presented for the OAI Session at the DLF Spring Forum, New Orleans, 2004-04-19
PowerPoint Presentation for Breakout session at OAI3, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004-02-13
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